Dearest mr. Newsky


My question to you is somewhat diffucult. Since I myself don´t understand ..why. Why don´t parents want to be a part of their children´s lives (why aren´t they interested?), and what can make them close their eyes and turn their backs at them.
sophia 6/6-83 0600 cph.





That's funny - I thought parents generally couldn't leave their children alone! I do, however, understand why.

First, they don't have a life of their own - I love my children! usually means: I hate my husband! Second, they don't understand that although our genes determine who we are, we seldom get them from - although of course through - our parents.

So I don't think we should force ourselves down our children's throats, especially if they are grown up. I'm sure they'll find us, if they really feel related to us, not as weekend-children, but as fellow human beings.

I have a son, who makes commercials for record companies. I think it's what he wants to do, and he seems to be very good at it.

Maybe some day he'll make a movie. So I guess I'm kind of proud of him, but I really don't think he needs me to tell him that.

Then again, there'll always be whiners looking for ways to excuse their lazy lives, but that's another matter. Of course it is rather interesting if another of my prodigal sons has had a sex-change-operation - although a course in the King's English might be better (that's turn their backs on them, my son). But not that interesting ...

PS: I never was and never will be a part of anything. I'm all of everything I am.