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Welcome back to the exciting PureInvestor Power Investment and Affiliate program!

Do you realise that online or offline, anywhere in the world, there are millions of prospects worldwide just crying out for an opportunity to set them free!

PureInvestor is the "compass" that will point you in the "direction" of financial freedom!

So , lets look further into the PureInvestor Opportunity, the benefits, and why our opportunity will set you free!

Affiliate Program

- Our affiliate program is a 7x4 personal forced matrix with a built in REVERSE MATRIX.
- Comprehensive Marketing and Resources area to promote your business
- With just 4 personal referrals, your PureInvestor Business becomes "self funding"
- A total downline of just 169 paying members see's your income grow to over $1500 USD a month
- Your commissions enable you to raise the capital to participate in recommended investments
- Our REVERSE MATRIX provides the "missing link" in matrix based programs
- Upon completing a full matrix, your downline is invited to rejoin your matrix in reverse order,
- This will see your income literally EXPLODE OVERNIGHT.
- Huge Spillover Potential

The PureInvestor Builder Organisations





Dear investor!

Thank you for your interest in our small (but rapidly growing) business! But let's get down to the many opportunities ENW Fucking Industries can offer you:

For a nominal fee (a mere $100 a week) you are IN on each and every one of our exciting projects. Just to name a few:

If I find oil in my garden, you're entitled to 1.25 % of the net income for the first fiscal year.

If I win the Nobel Prize in Medicine, there's another $300 for you - not only doubling, but TRIPLING your original investment!

Furthermore, we are obliged to pay you 10 (ten) dollars for every cow discovered on the moon - and it doesn't matter, if it is checkered or striped! All you have to do is send the cow to us (there will be a nominal fee for postage and handling).

Now, the question you have to ask yourself is: Can I really afford to pass up this incredible opportunity?


Besides, we are going to keep on bugging you, until we get our money.

PS: Dear IRS - if you're out there listening - ENW Fucking Industries is really a church. It is also a non-profit-organization - we still haven't made a dime ...