Eckhard Tolle


Hvad synes du om Eckhard Tolle?

Vh.Søren Huss





Som du sikkert har opdaget, er han en af mine største inspirationskilder! By the way, hvis du sætter pris på Master Eckhards visdom, er der en anden forfatter, jeg synes, du skal gøre dig selv den tjeneste at læse.

Han hedder Isaiah Putz og er egentlig atomfysiker, indtil han på en forelæsningstur til Tibet mødte en gammel munk ved navn Yaba Daba, som gav ham et helt nyt syn på tilværelsen. Da han kom hjem, skrev han bestselleren TAKE CHARGE! Så vidt jeg ved, er Gyldendal på vej med en dansk udgave, indtil da må du nøjes med følgende tankevækkende citat:


Hey - I know what you're saying. Take charge?

Me? How?

This is how! First you have to ask yourself: Hey - why am I letting everybody else run my life for me?

Whose life is this anyway? Let me give you an example.

You're at work, and your boss is bawling you out. Now it is that you have to ask yourself: Why is he doing this?

Could he be right about me? Or is just blowing off steam?

Maybe he's got problems too. Did you ever think about that?

So when you feel like kicking him right in the p...., maybe you should take time to think that HE may have his reasons for being the way HE is. Didn't think of that, did you?

Well, maybe next time you will. Now think what the world would be like if everybody did just that.

There wouldn't be any wars, would there? No, there wouldn't.

Now, if you read Jesus - or any other great influential thinker - you'll find out that he was saying much the same thing. In fact, you'll discover that no matter how bad things have been there's always been a teacher around telling people how to make them better.

Now, maybe you're saying: I could have thought of that. Well, then, why didn't you?

It's not that easy. That's where I come in.

I can help. And then, just maybe, one day, you'll be able to say those three magic words to another person.

Won't you feel great then? But first you have to learn - that's what this book is for.


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