The last name 'Wulff'


The last name 'Wulff'is quite uncommon. That is my last name, and I have been looking for a link to my background. Can you talk about your background.(dealing with relatives, heritage...)





The last name 'Wulff'is quite common - in Europe. It's a kind of Jewish equivalent of Smith.

My great great grandfather on my grandfather's side was Jewish. That has always troubled me.

Why can't I be a real Jew? Almost every artist or scientist of any importance is Jewish.

How can you be a real intellectual, if you're a Gentile? Of course, they really have an unfair advantage.

After all, they had a culture, when we hadn't yet come down from the trees. Okay, so they swiped it from the Canaanites.

My grandmother's ancestors immigrated from Poland a couple of centuries ago. So I'm very careful about not getting any parking tickets - they might send me back, you know!