Dear, I'm sorry that this question has nothing to do with Andersen, but if you could answer it I'm only too glad. About Kierkegaard's _The Sickness Unto Death_, I know it's Danish title is _Sygdommen Til Doden_. I want to know whether the top letters of the three Danish words are all spelled in capital letters in Danish, especiall when the title is spell in bibliography. _Sygdommen Til Doden_ or _Sygdommen til Doden_ or _sygdommen til doden_ ? Thanks in advance.





Unlike the English we don't capitalize important words in titles. We did however, until recently, capitalize nouns, as in German. Therefore, the original spelling of Kierkegaards work would be »Sygdommen til Døden«, in modern spelling »Sygdommen til døden«.

I don't know, which Andersen you mean, but I'll be happy to clear up any questions regarding the Most Beautiful Language in the World, which is, of course, Danish. Just think, if I could persuade fans of Søren Aabye all over the world to pronounce his name correctly - not Kirke-guard, but Kirke-gore. After all, he wasn't Dutch ...