Movie review


Dear Erwin,

I was wondering if you have any comments on the recent movie 'The Matrix'.

Of course the question is quite Dorothy Dicks, but I thought it would be nice to get the ball rolling on your English web page, with a subject familiar to (or at least accessible to) many English speakers. Not to mention that I'd like to hear your ideas on the film.

Your main English page states that you're looking for a translator. I did Kristian Beedholm's 'Verden i Øjet'. I just had another look at it, some of it's OK, but … My problem was that Beedholm used quite convoluted sentence structure, quite the opposite of readable English composition. As my girlfriend said at the time, the article didn't need translation, it needed rewriting. But maybe Danes have different brains. I expect he'll be writing another sequel soon, 'Verden i Tungen'.

I've dabbled in translating some of your Faust, but the prospect of trying one of the big four is truely frightening (yeah, I'm another who can't wait for UFO). Well, if I don't get a post-doc, maybe I'll turn up at your school with my dictionary and take it from there.

Best Wishes
Paul Allen





Dear Paul,

I haven't seen 'The Matrix'. I seldom go to the cinema to see a movie.

I'm a very private person, who enjoys his VCR, and I don't think it's out on video yet. I've seen most SF-movies though.

I'd like it very much, if you could find the time to translate some of the stories in 2000, for instance. I don't think Danes have different brains, we're just not a very literate people.

The response I most often get is that my LIX number is too high, meaning that my words and sentences are too long (I think what LIX really means is that there can be only 59 letters on a page). People just aren't used to that in my country.

Also, a novel concerning itself with philosophy, religion, or history, is largely considered unreadable – as you may have gathered, science fiction is not exactly in vogue here. Not that I'm complaining, you understand, the 10,000 or so readers that I have pay my bills.

Still, it would be nice to break the language barrier – just a mach or two. So if you do a translation, please send it over so that I can feature it on my page! If you've got any Faust lying around, that's okay too …