Who is Jesse Jo?


I don't know my exact date of birth, time, except place but I am told it is 22.10.1955 which may be approximate but not accurate as I was an orphan raised by nuns. So I would like to know how I can get an astrological reading. Please let me know. I am very interested in the occult. I am a female. Please reply. \\yours, Jesse Jo





Dear Jesse Jo

From your date of birth I conclude the following:

You are very intelligent and sensitive, probably artistic, although you may not yet have realized your full potential in this respect. You are fond of beautiful things, especially music.

You like people, but you are also quite able to enjoy your own company. You may feel a little lonesome now and then, though.

You like to watch a good movie, but quite frankly you feel that a lot of the junk people like to watch is a waste of time. You like to take care of your body, and sometimes you feel a little guilty for neglecting it.

You are very interested in broadening your views, even if it means going out on a limb. You are strong-willed with the courage of your convictions, although at times you have a tendency towards feeling insecure, even inferior.

You are a good friend, people look up to you and respect you as a person, even though they may sometimes be afraid to come out and say so. You are a hard worker though not quite happy with your present state of employment.

You have had some problems in your sex life, partly because your partners have been unable to meet with your high standards for honesty and self-expression. You are a very giving person and therefore often disappointed.

You are basically an easy-going type, but you can be nervous at times. Try not to demand so much of yourself. You should also be more forgiving, especially when it comes to yourself.

You have had a strict upbringing, teaching you from the very start to care about your work and, more important, about other people. It is, however, also very important to care about and like yourself.

You should also know that God has a purpose with each of his creatures, which you may call Destiny. Yours may not be to climb mountains, but to let people benefit from your deep understanding of what it means to be a person.

Dear Jesse Jo! Was I right? I'm sure I was.

But then again: How could I have been wrong? Aside from the information you gave me, there's nothing in what I said that any one of your friends would not readily accept as a description of her.

Dear Jesse Jo! Don't waste your time on having your head filled with nonsense that would fit anyone.

It would be much better to look for that in you which makes you unique, that which sleeps and sometimes dreams while we are busy worrying about what other people think about us. Good hunting!