A. Fordel de ti musikstykker på følgende kunstnere:

1. Blood Bathos

2. Cyber Circus

3. Dark Dodo

4. Latex Nazis

5. Necropederast

6. Niflheim

7. Numb Skulls

8. Pure Puke

9. Sadistic Sissies

10. Synaptic Synod



B. Identificer følgende klassiker:

I don't care if you're bald
and your breath smells
'cause I been in all
the best hotels
and I tell you baby
that maybe
me and you
you and me
can be free
for all eternity

'cause you're my woman
yes you're my woman
and that's what you'll always be

Now I don't care if you ain't got no money
'cause you know it's funny
they say the best things in life are free
and that kinda makes me think of you and me

'cause you're my woman