Der Fuehrer never said Bathos


So what is this BATHOS? BATHOS is a monthly magazine dedicated to the Z-picture, the one that didn’t quite make it to the Halliwell Hall of Fame.

It may just be bad, but then again it may be Bad, exploitation, politically incorrect and not good for you. It may contain sex not strictly in the service of propagation or social commitment, it may also propagate superstitions, such as Monsters, God(s), Heroism and Altruism.

In short, it does not in any way contribute to society. It is made solely for profit, consequently making no bones about being anti-social or downright subversive.

It is intrinsically revolutionary, and if there ever was a revolution, it would be the first to be banned. In other words, not only does it not possess any of the qualities securing the sound sleep of the Bourgeois critics, it appeals to the worst in us, the very lowest, the most basic.

If BATHOS in any way succeeds in reflecting the bad taste of these movies, the Editor has not laboured in vain. Fortunately, he is not alone in this endeavour, such magazines having been around for some time.

So what makes BATHOS different? Nothing really, except the peculiar (bad) tastes of the Editor.

If they to some degree correspond to yours, you may want to read this magazine. If not, I guess you’ll find something better to spend your money on.

Thumbing through this particular copy, you’ll probably get the idea. A lot of real OLD movies, and maybe a few you wouldn’t expect to find in a magazine of this kind, like SOUTH PACIFIC.

Some “classics” like BLOOD FEAST, and some you’ve never heard of – you have my personal guarantee on that. Some you’ve already seen and will remember with fondness.

Others you undoubtedly will try to get hold of, after reading my eloquent review. And since every issue of BATHOS comes with literally hundreds of stills, you may even read the article instead of seeing the movie – it’s all part of the fun of reading these rags.

Then there are the articles. In this issue there’s one about Virgin Sacrifice – everyone should have a hobby – I think you get the picture, even if you can’t (get the Picture).

And then of course there are the damsels in distress – I think I can safely say that they are more in distress in BATHOS than anywhere else. You may hate it.

You may love it. You may even buy it.