Bathos 4


will be out on Monday and can be purchased in the usual way. In this issue you will find some of the strangest, silliest, cheapest, and most perverse movies ever produced. How about a sexploitation horror movie from 1934?

Harpo Marx as Sir Isaac Newton? Peter Ustinov setting fire to the Reichstag?

Gloria Swanson being whipped? Dr. McCoy hypnotized to kill?

Vincent Price in a role, where he doesn’t snicker? Bela Lugosi in colour?

You’ll find it all inside, together with films you didn’t even know existed – at least you sort of hoped they didn’t. As Frankie Avalon would have put it: Come with me! Come with me, on a Voyage to the (absolute) Bottom of the Barrel! That’s where you’ll always find BATHOS …