Bathos 7 - A NEW LOW


As some of you may remember, Bathos started as a summer project. I needed to relax between books - but not that much - so I saw some movies and reviewed them in this magazine.

It has since become a regular publication, with a monthly issue. It has also achieved a regular audience, many of these film buffs, but most of them probably just Neutzsky-Wulff buffs.

I'm sure they're very interesting in hearing my opinion of old movies, but they have other needs as well. So in the future BATHOS will be so to speak two magazines in one.

There will be the "old" BATHOS, reviewing "bad" movies. This part of the zine will continue to be in English.

There will, however, also be a section with Danish articles. I expect that this part of the magazine will serve as "up-dates" and elaborations on my 1.100 pages work on THE SUPERNATURAL, which will appear this spring.

I fully appreciate that some of my foreign friends will feel cheated by this, and I shall wherever it is practical add an English abstract. After all, there's no obligation to buy BATHOS.