Bathos 7


"When I first published BATHOS, I really didn't expect it to sell. Well it did - I only have a few copies of issues three and six left.

I also didn't expect to sell it to the people that actually bought it. I guess I thought it might be a bit too light-hearted for the readers of my philosophical fiction.

In fact, it seems to have been the cause of several cases of indigestion among the more carefree film fans. So instead of lowering the bridge, I'm simply going to raise the river.

This issue contains no less than three articles that presuppose a certain familiarity or at least affinity with my work and what it's trying to do. They are consequently written in Danish.

There are still some reviews, but not a lot of them poking fun at turkeys. Instead there's a 12-page analysis of my favourite movie, THE TEN COMMANDMENTS.

I hope you like the new format. I think it may allow for more vitamins, without dispensing with the plastic toys or topless waitresses."

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