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All elongated objects, sticks, tree-trunks, and umbrellas, all elongated and sharp weapons, knives, daggers, and pikes, are intended to represent the male member. Little cases, boxes, caskets, closets, and stoves correspond to the female part.

The dream of walking through a row of rooms is a brothel or harem dream. Staircases, ladders, and flights of stairs, or climbing on these, either upwards or downwards, are symbolic representations of the sexual act.

Of articles of dress the woman’s hat may frequently be definitely interpreted as the male genital. In dreams of men one often finds the cravat as a symbol for the penis; this indeed is not only because cravats hang down long, and are characteristic of the man, but also because one can select them at pleasure, a freedom which is prohibited by nature in the original of the symbol.

All complicated machines and apparatus in dreams are very probably genitals, in the description of which dream symbolism shows itself to be as tireless as the activity of wit. Likewise many landscapes in dreams, especially with bridges or with wooded mountains, can be readily recognized as descriptions of the genitals.

Children also in the dream often signify the genitals, as men and women are in the habit of fondly referring to their genital organ as their little one. To play with a little child or to beat a little one is often the dream’s representation of masturbation.


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