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A strong leader

It appears that Joe’s got no time to think as his ratings continue to shrink. A new poll shows a measly 11% of adults believe Biden is a very strong leader. This same 11 % also thinks Tiger Woods is a scary place for a picnic.

What is he doing? I mean, there’s only so much sniffing of children’s hair and eating ice cream you can do.

So if it’s us versus them, who’s them? It’s us, not the Germans or the Japanese, then again, who knows what year or century it is, in that scrambled egg he calls a mind.

But Joe’s defined himself against something that doesn’t even exist. A White supremacist movement.

So again, Joe’s defining himself against a mirage. Why is that?

Because his leadership is a mirage, a disaster on four legs. You can’t get worse than Joe and Kam.

So they need to distract by demonizing you. And this, from the administration that brought you, ‘Parents complaining about schools are terrorists.’

Maybe I’m nuts, but did Joe just kind of declare a civil war on a sizable portion of America? You just pit one half of the country against the other like he was picking sides for dodgeball game.

By the way, you might not even believe this crap, because like his bladder, it’s not him who’s in control. But there are people in his White House who believe we’re evil, you and me, because you didn’t vote for them.

So back to that question: Is Joe a strong leader? Well, hard times are supposed to bring out the best in men, but what if the best in one man is long gone? And all you have is a hollowed-out husk open for exploitation from any woke operative?


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