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Go fuck yourself!

How exactly are Democrats going to hold on to power in the coming midterm elections? If you think about it, there’s only one way they can do that.

They’ve got to create a new form of government, one that keeps incumbents in power forever, no matter what they do, no matter how incompetent and destructive they may be. One way to do that is by diluting the political power of citizens.

What does this mean? Well, it means, among other things, that states would no longer have the authority to require voter ID or registration at the polls.

This is not allowed. It’s never been allowed.

And in fact, no sane population would ever allow it. Not voluntarily, anyway.

Why would you let incumbent politicians rig the game in their own favor? You’d have to be bullied into it.

So, of course, that’s precisely what the Democratic Party is doing right now. Shut up and obey, racist!

Joe Biden: “I will not yield, I will not flinch. I will defend the right to vote our democracy against all enemies, foreign and, yes, domestic.”

Enemies within our own country, we will kill them. Just hours before Joe Biden spoke, the Department of Justice announced the formation of a new domestic terrorism unit.

It’s designed to hunt down and punish anyone who opposes the federal government or is otherwise “anti-authority”. Who’s that?

Well, pretty much at this point, all thinking people who aren’t directly on the federal payroll. If you think voters ought to show I.D. at the polls, you could be hearing from the FBI because you’re a threat.


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Præsident Joe Biden vil forsvare USA’s demokrati med nye valglove. USA’s præsident Joe Biden efterlyste tirsdag i en stor tale i Atlanta i delstaten Georgia nye love, der skal sikre mod valgmanipulation.

USA’s præsident Joe Biden skruer voldsomt op for presset på sine partifæller forud for en skelsættende afstemning i denne måned, der ifølge præsidenten skal sikre fremtidens amerikanske valg mod republikansk manipulation. Efter i lang tid lavmælt at have forsøgt forhandlingsvejen tog præsident Joe Biden bladet fra munden i en tale tirsdag aften, hvor han tordnede, at Senatet vil ende på den forkerte side af historien, hvis det ikke vedtager to love, der sikrer borgernes valgrettigheder.


Er den amerikanske lydstat Danmark på vej mod et fascistisk diktatur og en ny verdenskrig, en gentagelse af nazisternes russiske eventyr? Er det, hvad danskerne vil, at få deres børn slagtet?

Svaret på begge spørgsmål er ja. Trump er nemlig dum, og vi er jo ikke racister, vel?

Der bliver ikke nogen kritiske læserbreve eller pacifistiske demonstrationer. Vi lukkede dem ind i 1940, og vi kommer til at lukke dem ind igen.

So what can you say? Go fuck yourself!

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