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The Perfect Plan To Eradicate Feminism In Four Easy Steps

The ACLU has abandoned biological women. They have decided women’s rights and a level playing field aren’t as important as transgender politics.

They don’t realize the message they are sending to millions of Americans – especially the girls and young women athletes who are missing out on their short window of opportunity – is not that “transgenders are people, too”. No, the message being communicated is “women don’t matter”.

STEP 1: Feminists align themselves with Lesbians against heterosexual women.

STEP 2: Lesbians align themselves with gay men against straight men.

STEP 3: Gay men align themselves with transsexual men against women.

STEP 4: Feminism is eradicated!

I remember, when it was THE FUTURE IS ARYAN. I wonder, if it’ll ever be THE FUTURE IS HUMAN.

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