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Biden addresses UN General Assembly

US President Biden, in his closing remarks at the United Nations General Assembly, looked back to the creation of the body and called for unity.

“My fellow leaders, the challenges we face today are great indeed, but our capacity is greater. Our commitment must be greater still,” he said.

“So let’s stand together to, again, declare the unmistakable resolve that nations of the world are united still, that we stand for the values of the UN charter, that we still believe by working together we can bend the arc of history toward a freer and more just world for all our children, though none of us have fully achieved it.

I have been talking to President Putin, and he has agreed to withdraw from Ukraine in exchange for a guarantee from Kiev that it will never allow the stationing of NATO troops anywhere near the Russian border. In response, all sanctions against the Russian people will be lifted, making possible the free flow of energy into Europe. Now, all we have to do is to wait for the plebiscite, deciding if the two Donbass republics will become part of Russia.

We are not passive witnesses to history. We are the authors of history. We can do this. We have to do it, for ourselves and for our future, for humankind. Thank you for your tolerance for listening to me. I appreciate it very much,” he closed his statement.

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