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Så kom beslutningen endelig: Den tyske regering vil sende 14 af de højeffektive Leopard 2-kampvogne til Ukraine. Det oplyste flere tyske medier tirsdag aften på baggrund af ’regeringskilder’. Også forsvarsudvalgets forkvinde, Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, bekræfter beslutningen.

The First Deputy Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the United Nations, Dmitry Polyansky, stated that NATO and Western countries have been actively involved in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, though certain boundaries have yet to be crossed. “We are sending more and more signals that, well, of course, some red lines have been crossed, but maybe the most red of them haven’t yet been crossed. When you deal with a nuclear power like Russia, you have to calculate all the possibilities if you want to escalate the war further and further on,” he said in an interview with American journalist Kim Iversen, as per a report from TASS.

Så hvad skal vi gøre? Bombe Moskva?

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