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War has always been something that happened far away on somebody else’s soil. The difference this time is that Washington has decided along with help and assistance particularly from its allies in London and the Global Financial Community run out of New York City to wage war on the Russian state with the goal of not simply regime change but ultimately destroying the state potentially dismembering it.

This is an old story. It’s the same because Russia is full of trillions of dollars of resources mineral resources, oil, gas, precious metals, agricultural.

We just go down the list, and there was an attempt in the 90s and in the early part of this century by people from the West many of whom are connected to organizations, like Goldman Sachs and the Global Financial Community, to go in and effectively rape Russia and steal everything they possibly could from it. They were ultimately defeated and thrown out by Vladimir Putin, who established a new regime to bring some more stability and dignity back to the Russian state.

Putin has been talking now for many years about the unacceptable policy of advancing NATO to Russia’s borders and he’s been warning over and over and over again: “If you do this you will inevitably come into conflict with us. We will not tolerate a large NATO presence.”

The Washington Community that sponsors this has obviously enriched itself over the last 30 plus years through all the various interventions and the massive increases of defense spending. It’s a kind of new imperialism that we’ve been embarked upon and Russia is simply the latest target.

Once we had established a government in Kiev that would do our bidding and this force in Ukraine would devastate Russia. Well, it hasn’t quite worked out.

Now we face a very different set of circumstances, but when you ask who is behind it, you’ve got to look at a whole range of people and remember that the preeminent goal in Washington for most politicians is to stay in office and continue to enrich themselves. The American people should realize, that Washington is populated with these people, that the people in Washington – this ruling class is not acting in their interests, and demand fundamental sweeping change.


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